This website was created as part of the first ACSA Fellowship to Advance Equity in Architecture. 

The website went online in the Spring of 2024, initiated by Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia / WAI Architecture Think Tank, co-recipients of the fellowship, with the intent that the page is updated with scholarship, resources, and platforms that center questions and initiatives of social and ecological justice in architecture and related fields.


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Journal of Architectural Education

Volume 78 
Issue 1
Spring 2024

Aya Musmar, Nishat Awan, and Menna Agha

Audre Lorde & The Allama on the Way

Mustafa Faruki; theLab-lab

In Conversation with Yara Sharif

Aya Musmar

Umm Kamel’s Affair How Infidelity Liberated the Night Sky in Jabal ‘Amil

Mohamad Nahleh

Roaming Therapeutic and Design Practices for Indigenous Healing

Janet McGaw, Alasdair Vance, Uncle Herb Patten, and Saran Kim

To Know No Nation Will Be Home Until One Does

Aya Musmar, Nishat Awan, Menna Agha, and Ozayr Saloojee


Shahzia Sikander

Volume 77
Issue 2
Fall 2023

Ersela Kripa, Francesco Marullo, Stephen Mueller

Visualizing the Desert
Karl S. Twitchell and the
Environmental Imaginaries of the
Saudi Arabian Desert, 1936–48

Dalal Musaed Alsayer

The Desert Has Everything
Episodes in Praise of Dryness

Faysal Tabbarah

Tactical Landscapes
Abstractions and Power Practices

Yousef Awaad Hussein, Asaiel Al Saeed,  Saphiya Abu Al-Maati, Aseel AlYaqoub

Desert Dreams and Techno-Utopian Nightmares: The Complex History of California City and the Colonial Gaze Toward the Desert

Ezgi İşbilen

In Conversation with
Brahim El Guabli

Interview by Ersela Kripa,
Francesco Marullo, and
Stephen Mueller

Conquest(s) of the Desert

Dante Furioso
(Open Access) / (PDF)

Food Desert: Feeding the Regional Economic Imaginary

Patty Heyda

In Conversation with
Menna Agha

Interview by Ersela Kripa, Francesco Marullo, and Stephen Mueller

Repertoire as Infrastructure for Architectural
Historiographical Crafts in the Sahrawi
Refugee Camps

Julien Lafontaine Carboni

Desert Depths
Multivalent Architectural Narratives of Belonging in the Negev/Naqab Desert

Piper Bernbaum and Zach Colbert

Dry Matters
Speculations for an Arid Future

Danika Cooper

In Conversation with
Gonzalo Pimentel

Interview by Ersela Kripa, Francesco Marullo, and Stephen Mueller

Displacements of Mohammed
Abdalah During His Life
Transformations of Western Sahara
after the Spanish Colony

Alvaro Velasco Perez

Volume 77
Issue 1
Spring 2023
Reparations! (Reparations! JAE Website)

V. Mitch McEwen, Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski

Holding the Future: In Conversation with Rasheedah Phillips

V. Mitch McEwen & Cruz Garcia

“Soul and T-Square”: An Architectural Reparations for Watts

Rebecca Choi

Conservation as Reparations: The Refuting Power of the Julius Rosenwald Schools

Gorham Bird

On Reparations and the Possibility of Other Systems: In Conversation with Mabel O. Wilson

Nathalie Frankowski & Cruz Garcia

Toward Reparative Design Pedagogies: Futuring Green Infrastructures with Youth in the Black Belt South

Lily Song

Spatializing Reparations: Mapping Reparative Futures

Danika Cooper

Economies and Circuits of Repair: On Reparative Justice Within/Beyond the State - In Conversation with Jovan Scott Lewis

Desirée Valadares

Bad Bodies: Unearthing Belonging and Dispossession of Muslim Diaspora in the US Burial Landscape

Samiha Meem

Lessons from the Black Indigenous Atlantic: Land and Collective Repair (Open Access)

Thabisile Griffin

How to Establish Value: In Conversation with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

V. Mitch McEwen & Cruz Garcia

Seeking Redress: A History of Little Tokyo’s San Pedro Firm Building
(Open Access)

Nate Imai & Matthew Okazaki

Fugitive Practice

Jerome W. Haferd & Curry J. Hackett

To Enter the Crater: In Conversation with Sean Connelly

Cruz Garcia

Riotous Repertoire

Jovan Scott Lewis

Notes Toward a Critical Race Practice of Preservation

Marisa Angell Brown

Trouble with the Word ‘Repair’: In Conversation with Dream The Combine

V. Mitch McEwen & Cruz Garcia

Measuring What Matters: The True Cost of St. Louis’s New National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Linda C. Samuels & Bomin Kim

When You are Critical Mass: In Conversation with Tina Campt

V. Mitch McEwen

Guerrilla Maneuvers in Architectural Preservation

Gabriel Cira & Kris Manjapr


At the End of the Tunnel: Bad Bunny’s Vid(e)ocumentary Sheds Light (and Music) into Boricuas’ Struggle against Dispossession

Juan Carlos Quiñones


Pedagogies of the Broken World
Volume 76
Issue 2
Fall 2022
Pedagogies for a Broken World

Jay Cephas, Igor Marjanovic, & Ana Miljački

Disabled Practices for the Architectures of the Countercollapse

Ignacio G. Galán

Broken Down

David Gissen


Mpho Matsipa

Broken Sources (gatekhili tsqaroebi)

Sarah Cowles

Re-Producing the Status Quo

Peggy Deamer

Framing Survival: Questions of Safe Space in Design Pedagogies

Kush Patel in collaboration with Johnson Jament, Merin Mathew

Protest as Pedagogy

Bradford C. Grant

Transforming Minds

Sharon Egretta Sutton

De-Colonizing Indigenous Housing

Chris Cornelius

Critical Race Theory as Architectural Pedagogy

Carla Jackson Bell

Volume 76
Issue 1
Spring 2022

Volume 75
Issue 1
Spring 2021

Volume 74
Issue 2
October 2020
Tanya Southcott & David Theodore

Call to Action: ArchiteXX, Now What?!, and Creating New Futures

Lori Brown, Sarah Rafson, Andrea J. Merrett & Roberta Washington

Call to Action: A (Little) Manifesto for Doing Dis/Ability Differently in Architecture

Jos Boys

Constructing Health: Representations of Health and Housing in Charlottesville’s Urban Renewals

Kevan J. Klosterwill, Alissa Ujie Diamond, Barbara Brown Wilson & Jeana Ripple

Decolonizing Prisons

Cathi Ho Schar, Nicole Biewenga & Mark Lombawa

Shrouded in Dust: The Unseen Labor of African American Cement Workers

Vyta Baselice

“Nos están matando”: (We Are Being Killed)

Catalina Mejía Moreno

Travels Across Othered Landscapes: Teaching an Architectural History of Difference

Sharóne L. Tomer

Praxxis: Always Personal, Always Political, Always Pedagogical

Helen Aston, Emily Crompton, Sarah Renshaw & Kathryn Timmins

Between Borders and Bodies: Revealing the Architectures of Immigration Detention

Ella den Elzen

Interview with Susan Stryker

Tanya Southcott & David Theodore